About the Journal

Al-Ashri: Ilmu-Ilmu Keislaman is the leading referenced journal published by the Institute for Research and Community Service, STAI Balaiselasa YPPTI Pesisir Selatan West Sumatra Indonesia in collaboration with the International Islamic Studies Development and Research Center (IISDRC). This is a semi-annual journal published in April and October. The main aim of this publication is to create a platform for publishing reviews, original articles, research results, and case studies related to the field of Islamic Education in the Indonesian context that are valuable to the worldwide academic communities. The topic of this journal is Theories of Islamic Education, Modern education in Islam, and contemporary issues in Islamic education, both in terms of teaching and learning in the Indonesian context, but editors may consider accepting articles from other countries with interesting discussion contexts related to Islamic Education.

A manuscript submitted is evaluated through Initial Review by the Editorial Editor in Chief/Managing Editor. If the article matches the journal requirements in terms of the scope, originality, novelty sufficiency of experimental data, and format, at least 2 (two) peer reviewers are assigned to review the manuscript with the Double-Blind Peer Review Process. After the review process is finished, the assigned editor decides on the article. If the article needs revision, the manuscript is returned to the authors for revision. After that, the Editor in Chief makes the final decision (accepted or rejected). In each manuscript reviewed, peer reviewers will be rated based on the substantial and technical aspects.